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This is how freedom sounds.

   Introducing the UNTRAPPED    
                AUDIO BOOK

This is how freedom sounds.

Introducing the UNTRAPPED 

Brian Carruthers' newest game-changing audiobook is the key to helping you get UNTRAPPED!

If lately you have felt stuck, felt trapped, and have been questioning if this is all there is, your unrest is not uncommon. Frankly, it’s your subconscious self (your soul) raising its hand to get your attention. There is so much more to life than trading a majority of your daylight hours for a paycheck, regardless of the amount. You may be fed up with saying, “Sorry, we can’t afford it” to your spouse, or “Sorry, I can’t be on your field trip” to your child, or “Next time …” to your friends.  
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What you'll learn from this groundbreaking audiobook
  • How to start dreaming about and start living the life of your dreams now!
  • How to properly harness the power of part-time.
  • Discover the three paths to becoming an entrepreneur ... and changing your life forever.
  • The top 11 reasons people don't succeed.
  • How to find good mentors and leverage their expertise to help you get to the top.
  • How to burn the excuses that have been holding back your success.
  • The top reasons why you need more money.
  • Reconciling the decision between being a parent vs. having a career.
  • How to break the pattern of merely servicing debt and begin the discipline of investing in yourself.
  • How to develop and cultivate a wealth-building mindset.
  • Explore the three main forms of income … and discover the one that can set you free for life.
  • Tax tips that can put thousands back into your pockets ... and out of the government coffers!
  • The one business model that trumps them all.
In Their Own Words​ — Eight incredibly inspirational stories written by individuals who saw entrepreneurialism as the vehicle to their dreams 
You're going to love this audiobook — and best of all you'll now have the exact steps you need to take to get untrapped and live the life you were always meant to live!

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